Q. Is Sinus Doctor a cure or just used to manage the problem?

A. It is both a cure and can also help you manage your sinus infections at the same time. The degree of severity of sinus problems vary between each individual. Each individual body types are different. While it can completely clear one person’s sinuses within a few days, it can also dramatically reduce another person’s conditions by making the problem manageable to carry on with normal day to day activities if it doesn’t completely clear up the sinuses immediately.

Q. Do you deliver to (insert your country here)?

A. Yes, this product is delivered worldwide.

Q. Can you tell me the cost of shipping to UK?

A. The cost of shipping and handling is $5 worldwide.

Q. How long does it take to notice a difference?

A. Within the first day of usage.

Q. I have purchased and received the Sinus Doctor treatment. Please tell me how to use the three bottles? I didn’t receive the instruction video and other free info that comes with it.

A. Please email Joe Johnson’s customer help desk at fullpointhealth@googlemail.com for instructions.

Q. How fast can the Sinus Doctor be shipped?

A. The Sinus Doctor is sent by First Class Royal Mail. The time specified by Royal Mail are:

Delivery to Europe – within 7 working days
Delivery to rest of the world – within 14 working days

Generally speaking, it can take less time than the specified times depending on clearance at customs.

Q. Do you only accept PayPal?

A. No, credit card payments are also accepted. Credit Card payments are processed by PayPal, which is one of the most secure payment processors online in the world. See below for instructions:


Q. This is my second day using the product and I believe it is working but right after the treatment, my stomach feels sick which may be due to the smell.

A. Your reaction is perfectly normal. The remedy is very strong and new to your system, stomach is often the first part of the body to react.

Q. Due to busy schedule I can only use it once a day, how long can I use it for consecutive days?

A. Use the remedy as long as it takes you to get relief. You may also consider placing a few drops on a handkerchief and inhaling it throughout the day. It can be a bit strong smelling but it will help.

Q. Can children use this remedy?

A. Children under 12 cannot use this remedy as their bodies is not fully formed yet.


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