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Sinus Doctor

If you are anything like my friend who has tried numerous treatments for sinus relief, then you might like to read about Sinus Doctor remedy. I have carefully looked into this sinus relief remedy for my good friend and everything I found has been documented below.

You will find the facts on the ingredients, the order and delivery process and what other people are saying about their experiences so you can decide for yourself if Sinus Doctor is for you.

You are definitely not alone as millions of people over the world suffer from sinus problems everyday. They resort to visiting their doctors for repeated dosages of antibiotics, decongestants and nasal sprays which are harmful to their bodies. I believe there are always better alternative treatments to prescription medication, as I am a big advocate of natural treatments myself.

Before I explain the details about the Sinus Doctor remedy, I just want to say that the product is of high quality and effective. The company that makes Sinus Doctor is reputable, and offers a complete 100% money back guarantee on all orders so you can try it without any risk. They also have great customer service that responds quickly to any questions you have which I think is very important when it comes to ordering products online.

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What exactly is the Sinus Doctor remedy?

Sinus Doctor is a complete natural remedy developed by Joe Johnson (a long time chronic sinus sufferer) who was desperate to find an effective sinus treatment for himself. He has spent years trying all sorts of medical and alternative sinus treatments that failed to work which prompted his own research and the eventual discovery of this remedy. This remedy gave him the sinus relief he needed to lead a normal sinus-free life.

What do you get?

Sinus Doctor Remedy

The treatment comes in 3 small glass bottles of 100% natural plant extracts (cinnamomum zeylonium, engena corsphylate and ant thymus vulgar) as you can see from the picture I posted on the left.

These plant extracts have antibiotic properties that focuses on the root cause of sinusitis by only targeting the bacteria in your sinus cavity, nose and throat areas while leaving the rest of your body untouched.


It has been proven to:

  • Clear congestion and ‘open’ up blocked nose
  • Clear headaches and pain to help you sleep and concentrate better
  • Stop post nasal drip
  • Treat swollen eyes and bad breath
  • Increase general health

Although the bottles are small, they will last you a very long time. You are only required to use them in very small quantities at a time, as the plant extracts are very concentrated.

How do you order?

When you click the ‘Add To Cart’ button on the merchant page, you will be taken to PayDotCom and checkout via PayPal, which is a secure payment gateway that acts like the middleman between the merchant and the buyer. They protect your financial information and makes sure you receive what you actually purchased.

After placing the order, I was surprised by how fast I received the remedy in the mail. It only took about a week to get this product via international shipping. This is very quick considering I live half way around the world, down under.

Is it easy to use?

The Sinus Doctor remedy comes nicely wrapped and packaged in a padded envelope along with instructions on how to access the videos and manuals on how to use the product. It is easy to use and I’m sure you would be pleased to follow simple instructions in the videos presented by Joe Johnson himself.

I much prefer to watch step-by-step demonstrations on how to correctly use a product rather than read instructions in print as video instructions can be understood much clearer, so this is a big plus!

The plant extract oils can be a little strong when you use it for the first time. But just like any other new remedies or medications you try, you will get used to it after using it a couple of times. In fact, I quite like the nice herbal smell of plant extracts.

An important thing to note here is that everyone’s biology is a bit different. Very few people may develop a reaction to one or more of these plant extracts just as some people are allergic to different foods. If you know you are allergic to Cinnamon, Clove or Thyme, then simply do not use that particular bottle of plant extract. If you’re not sure, then watch the videos first as Joe shows you a simple test that you can do to test for an allergic reaction.

You can read more frequently asked questions here.

Will this work for me?

This sinus treatment is probably the best selling product of its kind and boasts an impressive amount of satisfied customer testimonials from sinus suffers all over the world. After spending a considerable amount of time researching Sinus Doctor, I found that most users claimed that it’s a fast acting treatment that brings you results in as little as 3 days.

Joe Johnson claims that this remedy is not only fast acting (you can expect results in only 36 hours), but with continued use will remove all symptoms associated with sinus infection including severe sinus infection that need surgical procedures.

I am glad to be able to recommend this remedy to my friend, as I know this will save him a considerable amount of money that he no longer has to fork out to his doctor. More importantly, sinus relief for him can be achieved using 100% natural ingredients that are completely safe to use, without damaging his immune system (by antibiotics or prescription medications), which is a bonus!

I want to point out that the Sinus Doctor remedy does come with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. Because everyone’s biology is different, if for some reason that this does not give you the relief you’re looking for, you do not need to worry. Joe has great customer service representatives in place to make sure you are satisfied with his product or your money back. This is what reputable businesses do, and I am already impressed with their fast shipping and customer service.

What Customers Say

“I have to say that I have suffered from sinusitis for about 18 years on and off. I have tried many remedies, and have had antibiotics and different nasal sprays from ENT specialists, and I have to admit I was on the verge of trying surgery till I saw your web site. Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful. My breath is fresher (and this is something that was beginning to depress me) and my headaches are less frequent. Thank you so much.”

– Marian

“As you may have surmised, my feeling of getting relief from any product was rather skeptical. Be that as it may, I now have, without a doubt, proof that your products and system of eliminating a sinister sinus dilemma works and works well. I will be forever indebted to you for assuring me and hoping that the benefits derived from the product will bring the desired relief. Thank you and everyone for making “Sinus Doctor” available. It really works fast, well and without side effects.”

– mbglick, a very satisfied customer

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